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  • Great value detox with Brahm Bhooti and Ayurveda.

    96 hr
    777 British pounds
  • Detox, Refresh, and Renew Your Body and Mind.

    72 hr
    250 British pounds
  • Ayurvedic pulse, tongue and eye diagnosis.

    45 min
    100 British pounds
  • Brahmi Bhooti is used for psychological disorders.

    45 min
    100 British pounds
  • Clear Out The Cleanse.

    2 hr
    100 British pounds
  • Naturally let the liver release its toxins.

    2 hr 30 min
    100 British pounds
  • Herbal medicine, detox, yoga, and counselling for Men's sexual health

    657 British pounds

*this is alternative therapy please consult your doctor and continue medication.

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