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Northampton, United Kingdom
7th-9th July 2021

immersive and powerful 48 hours recitation of the Shakti mantra

Sri Brahm kavch and Sacred degh Ceremony in Northampton, UK.



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Planetary MerKaBa Workshop
La Dame De Canton, Paris

Podcast 4 
Conference with Kamalroop Singh Khalsa on the spiritual warrior in the Sikh Tradition.

Understand The Feminine Dimension Inhabiting The Warrior
Heal The Feminine and the Masculine in each of us to better support new (now) generations.




All Is One Blue Lions Kirtan
All Is One Blue Lions Kirtan

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All Is One Blue Lions Mantra & Kirtan
All Is One Blue Lions Mantra & Kirtan

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All Is One Blue Lions Candle lit Kirtan with Kamalroop Singh
All Is One Blue Lions Candle lit Kirtan with Kamalroop Singh

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All Is One Blue Lions Kirtan
All Is One Blue Lions Kirtan

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London, United Kingdom

All Is One series invites you to join us for holistic experiences in order to incorporates one of the core principles of the experiment intrinsic project: self-awareness.

Beginning on a very special calendar date of the new decade 2nd of February 2020, we aim to deliver the events with the hope of bringing more light to our being.

Each session will be guided by Dr. Kamalroop Singh who will be sharing the wisdom of ancient knowledge.


Combining activities including Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Mantra, Kirtan, Degh Medicine Ceremonies and more, the sessions will allow us to personally apply this knowledge in our every day life. 

Our first event took place at Core Clapton,
starting with important introduction of:

1. History and Culture
2. Mantras and Instruments
3. Mool Mantar

1. Mind and Body
2. Techniques to Well Being
3. Herbal Remedies




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Costa de Carica, Portugal

Indian Degh Medicine

Through the use of the ancient medicine Degh, which originates from the Nihang's in India, we dive deep into different transformational facets of meditation.

The medicine has been used by Nihangs for thousands of years and is a key element to unlocking your mind and reprogramming it to it's highest potential.

The Ancient roots of the Degh medicine goes all the way back to Lord Shiva and his wife Parvati, Shiva Shakti.


The ingredients are grinded. An important factor in the purification of it's energy, turning it into a healing drink of it's own, that wokrs on the water element.

Inner Water Healing

Water, the element from where we come, and to where we return.


Water is us, in every little cell of our body, in every shade of our soul.

Water purifies, regenerates and gives life. Water is emotion, feeling and creativity.

We initiate ourselves in the Water Element with a ceremony of offering ourselves to this element and to its healing properties.

Connecting to the water in a deeper level through our breath and dissolving ourselves in this element to become one.

With this workshop we discover the healing qualities by floating on warm salty water and explore a new dimension of what we can give to others and what we can receive.


Summer Solstice yoga session on zoom

Summer Solstice yoga session on zoom


This online Zoom yoga session with Kamalroop Singh for the Summer Solstice is for increased immunity and to battle against Corona Virus

Dr Kamalroop Singh recommends some practices in the Corona Virus Pdf via Ayurveda and also three asanas and Pranayam.

Guru Gobind Singh ji writes in his magnus opus the Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji:

Tih janiai jat jog.

tab hoi dheh arog.476.

If [God] is comprehended through the medium of Yoga.

Then the body will be disease free.476.

The first asana is Padangusthasana which is the basic ‘forward bend’ and the aim is the put the hand under the feet which the knees locked. This opens the thorax, it helps regulate our circulation, and aligns the spine. Breathing long and deep in this posture is deeply relaxing and reduces stress. All of this makes a great exercise to boast our chest capacity and immunity! This posture can be enhanced by a series of long deep breaths in this pose or bhastrika pranayama. Inhaling as we stretch up, and exhaling as we bend down.

The second asana is Marjaryasana or ‘cat pose,’ in this posture the lungs are full open and supported by being on all fours exactly like a cat. The curvature of the spine allows the lungs to expand more than usual as the force of gravity is reduced. This not only gives them a rest, but allows more air flow. This helps to clean them and thus increase our chest capacity, all valuable to combat the Corona Virus.

The third asana is the classic Bhujangasan or ‘cobra pose’, arching the back in this way not only opens up the lower back and reduces stress on the spine, but also open up the lung, the shoulders help stretch the lungs open and encourage more air flow, thus an increased lung capacity! It can be made more intense by doing ‘breath of fire’ or kapalbhati in this pose. If this is difficult, we can do ujjaiya pranayam.

To complete our session we will do the bhastrika pranayam or ‘bellows breath’ to encourage the lungs to clean out, it is a more intense form of kapalbhati. Then alternate nostril breathing to balance the nadis, the anulom vilom pranayam.

All of the asanas and pranayama expand the chest and allow more air into the lungs. This helps the remove any toxins like excess mucous. They also increase lung capacity. This helps increase immunity and regulates our inner energy, or tapas. By regulating our pranic force it gives us vitality and health.



kamalroop singh sweden ayurveda marie gulliams VAGA YOGA NU - SWEDEN


Bringing lightness to your body: Ayurveda and daily living.

Vasteras, Sweden

In everyday modern living we can neglect certain areas of our health that reduce our well-being and overall sense of awareness.

By practising certain yogic and ayurvedic techniques we can quite easily increase our wellbeing and awareness, to such an extent that our health becomes stronger and more resilient.


This resilience is both physical and mental.

Seminar 1: Bringing lightness to your body: Ayurveda and daily living.  

Seminar 2: Bringing lightness to your body: Ayurveda and daily living.  


Seminar 1

A. The Ayurvedic/Yoga view of the mind and body. 

B. Daily techniques and routines to increase well being. 

C. Herbal remedies. 

D. Techniques to Detox.


Seminar 2

E. Stress management and yoga 

F. Managing diet on a daily basis 

G. Advanced techniques to increase well-being . 

F. The root cause of disease 

G. The process of healing 

G. Advanced detoxing techniques (panchakarma)





Breaking through the wall of inner Pain

"Life is not a fight, not voltage. Life should not be suffering."
Yogi Bhajan

When we suffer our life can become tense and difficult, and we all know that to return to balance, we have to face this inner pain. Many times, however, this pain become like a wall that is hard to approach, and even harder to get through.

We then try to ignore this internal pain and live with a false screen or face, to shield ourselves from what we think is more suffering, and even begin to isolate ourselves. This will obviously have a negative impact on all areas of our life.


In this workshop we will look at various methods to: 

  1. Deal with this pain 

  2. Approach it and find its cause 

  3. Move beyond it and allow it to resolve

We will meditate on mantras given by the Guru and practice a number of kriyas by Yogi Bhajan, specifically for pain.


Through the meditative mind it is possible to let go of the pain of memories, unload subconscious garbage, and cultivate forgiveness. Yogi ji taught that 'Compassion gives you the strength to go through suffering and yet, feel no pain.'

Guru Nanak states in the Jap ji: 'Sing, and listen, and let your mind be filled with love. Your pain shall be sent far away, and peace shall come to your home.'  He further reiterates: 'By listening pain and sin are erased.' So we will conclude with the singing of mantras, that were designed by the Masters to deal with our inner pain.


2005 Summer Solstice, USA


The Chandi di Var of the Tenth Master and the psychology of the mind

The Chandi di Var of the tenth master is saturated with Divine-radiance. The Sikh Ardas comes from this composition and is infused with Shakti and Vir rasa. The whole composition is the story of the Feminine Divine and her battle against ignorance. In this workshop I will cover the symbolic aspects in the relation to the mind. This has rarely been commented on in modern times.

The shakti pad tradition was continued and refined by Guru Nanak, with each consecutive Guru. It was given as a seed mantra, where it grew with the Sixth Guru and fully blossomed with the Tenth Guru. This shakti pad was joined to bhagauti, to balance higher and lower chakras. It is for mental healing, confidence, and martial arts. The Guru symbolizes and mythologically personifies this Kundalini Tat as Bhagauti, Chandi, Durga, Kali, Saraswati and Maya Lakshmi.



kamalroop singh european yoga festival



The technology of Naada-Yoga in the Jaap Sahib by the tenth Master

The Jaap Sahib of the tenth master is saturated with Divine-radiance.
This technology is based upon the ancient science of Naada-Yoga.
The rhythmic poetry of the Jaap Sahib fills the reader with Shakti and empowers a person through their day.

The Gurmukhi letters created by Guru Nanak stimulate the Chakra centres of the body. Using this science the tenth Guru created the Jaap Sahib to stimulate certain Chakras in the body.

The permutations and combinations of letters create an intonation that is unmatched in the mystic poetry of the world. Come to this workshop to learn about the Jaap Sahib, study the correct pronounciation, and how the letters/sounds originate in the Chakras of the body.





Sintra, Portugal

It is with great joy that we invite you to this work of depth and beauty of the Sikh tradition, guided by our dear friend, Kamalroop Singh.  


Throughout the day we will prepare for the Ceremony with Yoga, Pranayam and Mantras and he will prepare Degh, the drink of Sikh lovers offered by Shiva, which calms the mind and soothes the face and opens us to greater understanding and connection with Life.  This delicious nectar will be prepared on the spot, slowly grinding medicine herbs, spices, sandals and seeds, impregnated with prayers, presence and mantras.




London, United Kingdom 

Honey-Suckle Company: Omnibus


As part of their exhibition Omnibus, Honey-Suckle Company invite Dr Kamalroop Singh and The Blue Lions band to lead an afternoon of Indian devotional music in the exhibition space.


Kamalroop Singh and The Blue Lions belong to the Sikh lineage of the Akali Nihang Singhs, who perform kirtan, a call-and-response form of musical chanting. Featuring traditional instruments such as the Punjabi taus and the tabla drum, and the recitation of mantras in specific ragas, the group’s music is intended to have a profound effect on the mind and body, restoring energy and balance. Music is at the core of the teachings of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, who, in the 15th century, utilised raga – the popular music of the day – as a tool of communication, overlaid with sung poetry known as Gurbani.


In recent years, Kamalroop Singh has collaborated with members of Honey-Suckle Company, as their collective work and individual practices have channelled spiritual understandings of healing, especially those connected to music and sound. The Blue Lions performance within Omnibus further extends Honey-Suckle Company’s ideas of their practice as a collective holistic methodology, with the exhibition activated as a space of deep listening and meditation.

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