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About Dr Kamalroop Singh Nihang

Dr. Kamalroop Singh Nihang believes that we all deserve to live a life free from stress, pain and suffering - and that we all have the potential to achieve that ourselves. 

When we get stuck in life and can't find the flow, there are various things we can do to restore our balance. The most powerful ways to restore our energy is to practice yoga (Pranayam), detox the body (Panchakarma), work with the elements (Tattvas) and plant medicines (Ayurveda).


That’s why he is dedicated to getting to the root cause of suffering, by utilising the power of Yoga, Detoxifications, and Ayurveda to transform people’s lives and bring them freedom from what was once holding them back.

He is a published Author and dedicated student of the Buddha Dal – The historical, original and central Khalsa organisation, has spent a considerable amount of time with the Buddha Dal Nihang Singhs in India learning about the traditions passed down from the Tenth Guru…

Which has led to him completing a PhD in the Sri Dasam Granth Sahib (the scripture of the Lord of Radiance, Guru Gobind Singh). 


Click here to read about his Academic Works.

If you’re looking for personalised support to help you become more free, happy and aligned - click here to get in touch and Kamalroop will answer any questions you have over the phone or by email, completely free.

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