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Dr Kamalroop Singh Nihang Yoga & Detox


Dr. Kamalroop Singh is sharing the wisdom of ancient knowledge and sound.

Combining activities including Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Mantra, Kirtan, Degh Medicine Ceremonies and more, his classes allow us to personally apply this knowledge in our every day life.

Dr. Kamalroop Singh is a dedicated teacher from the Indian Khalsa Nihang Singh order. He took initiation into the Khalsa in 1999, thereafter spending 15 years living with the Nihang Singhs and Sants and travelling across India.


Also a respected authority in Sikh studies, Kamalroop is an active author and teacher internationally.

The Akali Nihang Singhs live a life of service, a duty that is maintained within each moment for everything in existence. This unconditional service is a core principle in the Sikh faith and is referred to as Seva.


Dr Kamalroop Singh Nihang Blue Lions Mantra & Kirtan


Kamalroop Singh presents a sterling performances of Mantra and Indian classical music, including traditional works and very rare compositions, some of which are hundreds of years old.

He performs alone or with his band
of Sikh warriors belonging to the ancient lineage of the Warrior Akali Nihang Singhs under the name of The Blue Lions.


Together they present Spiritual Indian Classical music called Kirtan. Reciting mantras in specific ragas that have a profound effect on the mind and body to further become One with the Soul.


Kamalroop Singh Blue Lions Mantra & Kirtan Event


dharma means "cosmic law and order".

Kamalroop Singh applies the teachings of The Guru, also as his own insights and researches in order to help people to overcome dissatisfaction or suffering, which the Buddhists call dukkha. Through the teachings he hopes to help people to uphold the natural order of the universe.

“The Cosmos works for those who have discipline, who have longing, who have some goal to reach in their lives, and who make a constant, constant, constant effort to reach it.  That is dharma. Dharma is in every day, in every action, on every side of the day.”  - Yogi Bhajan

Chanting is a deep practice that opens the heart to devotion or Bhakti. It calms the mind and helps us to release blockages, so the body can heal and our spirit can feel it's natural freedom

There is a deep wisdom contained within the vibration of these Sikh Mantras and each individual has their own unique experience. Chanting replenishes the soul and unites us with one another and is the perfect way to experience the joy of singing in a group. The classes involve explanations of the different Mantras and Bhajans, and what effect they will have on the chakras and our psyche.



Shaheedi Degh Ceremony Pestle and Mortaring the Herbs


Degh is an ancient ayurvedic drink with black pepper, cloves, cardamom, almonds, and cannabis.


Depending on the law of the land a non-intoxicating version can be made with poppy-seeds only. Both versions detoxify the mind and body.



Students of Kamalroop Singh Meditating


Dr. Kamalroop Singh Nihang believes that we all deserve to live a life free from stress, pain and suffering – and that we all have the potential to achieve that ourselves.

He is providing different courses such as Bhakti Yoga, Gurmukhi Pronunciation, Stress Management, Couples Union, Advanced Yoga, Tantra and open to all sort of events and workshops.

for bookings enquiries, logistics or any other events questions please contact:

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