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My first teacher of meditation was my beloved grandmother who passed Away in 1999.  She was a student of the great Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji, who gave her his ultimate blessings. She was also a student of the mystic Sant Baba Mihan Singh Ji. She taught me with so much love at a young age, and my mother lovingly taught me Gurmukhi script.


Even though I was not 'religious' I read every book I could get my hands on about Indian religions. By fifteen I had read every book in the local Library on the subject! But my curiosity was not satisfied so my interest died a sudden death. This was in the days before the internet!

Being raised in the UK I developed dualistic ideas and lost all contact with spirituality. This was until seventeen years of age, when I had an NDE (NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE), during a severe asthma attack while in hospital. This changed my worldview, and spirituality began to fascinate me.





"To be fair, Kamal did seem like a legit guru. He travels the world teaching meditation, is fluent in two ancient Indian languages, has a PhD in an obscure religious text, and is an actual Sikh. He was brought to the island to teach guests yoga."

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“I wanted to do sewa, so, after researching Western academic material on stress, I created a system to tackle modern day stress based on scientific findings and yoga.” 

According to him, his work is based on the work of Dr Benson, who coined the famous ‘relaxation response’ to the fight or flight instinct that produces stress.

Singh swears by the efficacy of his techniques, which include guided relaxation, stretches, deep breathing, meditation, maintaining balance and composure. Singh said the crux of his teaching is the art of going with the flow. Guru Nanak Dev, he said, exhorted humanity to remain within “hukum.”

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Kamalroop Singh travels to "try to convey that yoga cannot modify the past but can determine the future." Change the way of facing reality so that "every moment is new by truly waking life." 


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