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Testimonials for Kamalroop Singh's Yoga & Detox


"Five months ago I went to stay with Dr,. Kamalroop for a detox. We had met earlier before at a retreat where we both where teaching. He'd told me about his work and suggested that I should come sometime for a detox. He wasn't the first person to invite me for a healing process, I'v had offers through the years but never taken them. With Kamalroop it felt different, as anyone who has met Kamalroop knows ; he has the ability to make you feel completely safe and kept in his presence. You put your trust in his hands and he would never impose on it. 

A date was set and I went without any expectations or knowledge of what was going to happen. To be truthful I went most out of curiosity. 

The detox went smoothly, no fireworks, big release or insights I wasn't already aware of after have done deep panchakarma some months before. But what really impressed me and shows how good Kamalroop is was when he in 4 sentences diagnosed contradiction health symtoms I'v had on and off for years. He put words on what I'd felt and suspected but every doctor I'd seen said wasn't the case.That's how good he is 🙏✨

Well back home I did my homework, 3 months without sugar, alcohol or koffein and daily mantra practice. Now 5 months later I can say what the detox did, it opened my compleat energy system and gave me a lightness in the body I'v never had before. Today I can do advanced asanas I'v never done without much effort. Kriyas that used to be hard to do are now easy and I can quite quickly go into deep meditation. It also gave me a mental clarity and awareness of how it feels to be completely relaxed and peaceful. 
If you've read this fare it's probably because you're considering doing a detox with Kamalroop. No matter the reason, I strongly recommend you to go forward and do it if you want healing. There is nowhere in the field of healing you will get better value for your money!"

Fran 2020


"Just by being in the presence of Kamal you feel a energy around his field, an energy of profound wisdom and stillness.

I have always been interested in the fact of self enquiry and the never ending transformational dive into oneself via meditation and other techniques a hand.
After spending time with Kamal and his family in the UK I have come to the knowing of his Ayuvedic detox treatments.

Kamal is creating a safe space for the participants transform with the help of specially selected tools in the form of yoga, mantras, meditation, diet, herbal medicine and beyond, in their own unique way.

I feel bless to know that such good treatment is existing in a time like this where it is needed more than ever. AHO! 💙🙏🏻💙"

Chaca Mandala

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"It was a great experience to stay with Kamalroop at a retreat in the Pyrenees three years ago. In the following time my live change subtly, but it changes. When I see what I do today I see the start of that development at this retreat. Thanks Kamalroop 🙏"

Christian Thomas

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"Meeting Kamal to me was a Life change. a profound and healing knowledge brought with great simplicity, humility, joy and kindness. I want to recommend his work to all those who are looking for a cure for body, mind and spirit. Good ahead! Aho 😘"


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"Signing up for any detox can be intimidating as we know we are going to change and drop some baggage. I can reassure that under Kamalroops guidance he is highly intuitive and compassionate to know what you need, when, how much. When to allow rest whatever is best for each individual. Knowing you are in competent hands allows you to surrender to the process and what the detox wants for you. This process works on many levels and will be priceless for you. Go for it if you are considering 🙏"

Sat Meher

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"My meditative and healing process with the beautiful soul of Kamalroop Singh ji transformed my life! From a life of carrying childhood abuse trauma and then an abusive marraige, with the dedicated and commited help from Kamalroop Singh ji i was able to release all that burden of pain and totally start life on a clean fresh slate. I can never be thankful enough to the Divine universe for allowing the meeting and than the healing. Keep doing the fantastic work you are doing ji. May your light bless many many more."

Harinder Kaur


"Thanks Kamal .The detox was an experience, which has left its mark on my being. You opened my mind to new horizons, and you gave me the opportunity to practice new lessons to walk with a firm step. all the answers are inside us. Thank you waheguru"

Joan Krist

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"After expressing my longing to deepen my relationship with Japji Sahib, and my goal to reach a point where this sacred prayer would glide off my tongue - Kamalroop took my hand, slowed down the process and really helped me step into the journey of coming to know what Japji is... (to me). Mantra has been such a powerful tool in navigating my way through trauma and has acted as an inner GPS to come home to that unbreakable, and peaceful spirit that resides in each and everyone of us...

I knew this was the next step to take, and Kamalroop helped take me there. As someone who sets her bar high it has been incredible to experience no judgement, and no ‘pressure’ to get it right - and instead allow it to ‘come’. Thank you for inspiring me with your peaceful, rooted Warrior energy, that breeds trust, instantly and thank you for giving me the permission to slow it down and let it’s real beauty bring me back home - again and again. 🙏❤️"

Satya Kalyan Kaur

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"This treatment gives you deep cleansing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually releasing layers and memories that prevent you from connecting with the beauty and love that lie within your being. Balance, well-being and harmony. Kamalroop gives and surrenders from unconditional love in sacred service to others, from excellence and from the mastery of the wisdom of the oldest peoples of the planet. Natural medicine that can change old patterns and become aware that one needs to change in your life to achieve true happiness."

Siri Krishna Kaur

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"Foi um prazer e um desafio!! Por alguma razão me senti atraído por este Detox. Confesso que ainda existei. Mas depois de ter falado com a Eva...tomei a decisão de ir mesmo!! Depois foi só deixar fluir. Encontro de amigos e já conhecidos. A criação do ambiente e da energia através dos mantras. E quase sem me aperceber fui "mudando". Novos conhecimentos... recordações de outros. Numa suavidade total fui "vendo" mais claro e focado. O tempo passou num instante. E entre sorrisos, cantos, práticas e partilhas o dia chegou ao fim. Alimentado física, mental e energéticamente, no regresso a casa.....tomei várias decisões que se realizaram durante a semana seguinte. Focado no que queria e criei e realizei. Muito grato à Eva Bella por me ter dado aquela forcinha... Ao Jon... aquele grande amigo.. e ao Kamal pela sua sabedoria.... tão simples.. mas tão profunda. Abraço fraterno para todos vós."

Armando De Carvalho

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"My Experience with this Detox Healing Medicine from Kamalroop Singh was a very Powerful Cleansing on many Levels, i have entered other Dimensions of my own Being where i saw my entire Life since i have been born. The Mantras and Kamalroop Singh constant help, being with me over 36 hours left me a new Being, totally in Light. I cannot wait to repeat and go on deeper. This is a very Powerful Experience on many Levels in order to get out from all patterns from past which keeps us blocked. I highly Recommend this Detox to everybody who is ready to start a new Life. Thank you Kamalroop Singh! LOVE & BLESSINGS!"

Mihai Spatarui

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"Sessions with Dr. Kamalroop Singh have always been transforming. I met him for the first time 3 years ago, when I had only some ideas and projects I wanted to put in practice and the sadhana he taught helped me make them true. His talks, meditations and healing made me discover the strength within me and simplify my life. Thanks, thanks, thanks for all the prosperity you brought in my life."

Bon Estar Yoga

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"Hey, there's one thing I forgot to tell you last time we met ! I don't know how I could forget asked me how I felt after the evening - so at the end of the evening when we were all still together after Ceremony, I suddenly noticed a lot of pain in the upper spine, cervical spine, neck and shoulders. Like a very deep burning sensation that goes through all the muscle fibers. I immediately felt that something was healing inside me. For many years I have had a slight curvature in the upper part of the spine. Despite yoga. This burning in the evening was gone after a few minutes. But the slightly curved vertebrae at the transition from the upper spine to the cervical spine are almost straight again! My friend noticed it and asked me about it. Sooooo cool 💚 i wanted to thank you for it 🙂"

Tek Puran Kaur

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