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Mahakal Life Coaching with Kamalroop Singh


I focus on three key areas of development:


Ways to make smart or intelligent choices

Conscientious activity by being organised and efficient

Having the toughness or resilence to succeed


I coach people who want to be above average. I can help you tap into skills that can be used so you can live life the way you want to. Life coaching unlocks your natural talents and brilliance.


By working together we can unlock the door obstructing you from success. I understand how essential it is to live a life that feels as good on the inside as well as the outside. By gaining a different perspective by life coaching, we are able to make changes and achieve things we never thought possible on our own.


Life is too short to be unsatisfied, so I can help you get started. From important things like how to make the better choices, stress reduction and overcoming negative thoughts, limitations and destructive behaviour.

I also offer A Vedic Relationship reading that can help you to understand the dynamics of your relationship, including tantric aspects, and compatibility (gun milan).

Advanced Report 15 pages - 125 Euro

Medium 8 pages - 70 Euros

Basic 3 pages - 30 Euros


Dr. Kamalroop Singh (University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK) belongs to the Nihang Singh order and took initiation into the Khalsa in 1999.


He holds an MPhil and PhD in Sikh Studies, and his doctoral thesis was titled ‘Dasam Granth Re-examined’. He has published Dasam Granth Questions and Answers, available at, and Dasam Granth: Essays, Lectures, and Translations is published by (2015) Oxford University Press, India.


He is an expert linguist and has worked for the Crown Prosecution Services and taught languages at the School of African and Oriental Studies. He has been a consultant to a number of museums and galleries and he regularly travels and teaches about related subjects around the world. He teaches yoga, meditation, stress management in over 25 countries and is a musician and teaches martial arts (Gatka)

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