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Shiva Parvati Shaheedi Degh Cannabis Medicine

Degh is an ancient Ayurvedic drink with black pepper, cloves, cardamom, almonds, and Cannabis - with other herbs depending on one's dosha.

To respect the law of the land I operate in, sometimes I replace Cannabis with poppy-seeds only. Both versions detoxify the Mind and Body.

The process of preparing the drink requires great devotion - grinding the herbs by hand and straining the liquid while reciting a mantra.


Kamalroop Singh Shaheedi Degh Dr Ayurveda

Detox the Mind, Body and Soul with a unique Degh Ceremomy


My teacher in India who blessed me to become a 'Mahakal' Singh told me to give Degh to people and recite Mantras.After I was initiated and formed a profound relation with the sacred drink, I have been running ceremonies with Degh and Mantras for 20 years around the World.

The ceremonial use of cannabis was noted by the british in the indian hemp report of 1894:

'The custom of worshipping the hemp plant, although not so prevalent as that of offering hemp to Siva and other deities of the Hindus, would nevertheless appear from the statements of the witnesses to exist to some extent in some provinces of India.

The reason why this fact is not generally known may perhaps be gathered from such statements as that of Pandit Dharma Nand Joshi, who says that such worship is performed in secret.

There may be another cause of the denial on the part of the large majority of Hindu witnesses of any knowledge of the existence of a custom of worshipping the hemp plant in that the educated Hindu will not admit that he worships the material object of his adoration, but the deity as represented by it.

The custom of worshipping the hemp plant, though not confined to the Himalayan districts or the northern portions of India alone, where the use of the products of the hemp plant is more general among the people, is less known as we go south.

Still even far south, in some of the hilly districts of the Madras Presidency and among the rural population, the hemp plant is looked upon with some sort of veneration. Mr. J. H. Merriman (witness No. 28, Madras) says: "I know of no custom of worshipping the hemp plant, but believe it is held in a certain sort of veneration by some classes".

Mr. J. Sturrock, the Collector of Coimbatore (witness No. 2, Madras), says: "In some few localities there is a tradition of sanctity attached to the plant, but no regular worship".

The Chairman of the Conjeveram Municipal Board, Mr. E. Subramana Iyer (witness No. 143, Madras) says: "There is no plant to be worshipped here, but it is generally used as sacrifices to some of the minor Hindu deities.

There is a passage quoted from Rudrayanmal Danakand and Karmakaud in the report on the use of hemp drugs in the Baroda State, which also shows that the worship of the bhang plant is enjoined in the Shastras. It is thus stated: "The god Shiva says to Parvati - 'Oh, goddess Parvati, hear the benefits derived from bhang. The worship of bhang raises one to my position".

In Bhabishya Puran it is stated that "on the 13th moon of Chaitra (March and April) one who wishes to see the number of his sons and grandsons increased must worship Kama (Cupid) in the hemp plant, etc."

Chacha Mandala Kamalroop Singh Elisa Schmerberg

for bookings and Degh ceremony logistics please contact:

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Cannabis Hemp Shaheedi Degh Marijuana with Kamalroop Singh
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