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1-Day Detox

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Detox, Refresh, and Renew Your Body and Mind

The body processes all kinds of inputs - distinguishing what’s good from what’s not, doing its best to eliminate any harmful substances. Everyday life inundate the body with environmental toxins, processed foods, unresolved emotions, and psychological stress. Inevitably, in attempting to “digest” it all, we accumulate some degree of toxicity-which, over time, can build up in the system, deposit in the tissues, and compromise our health.

 Precisely the idea behind an Ayurvedic Detox is to minimize the variety and complexity of toxins so that the body can rest, recuperate, and repair itself.

The treatments included 1  Day Detox are as follows:

1. Ayurvedic pulse, tongue and eye diagnosis

2. Herbal Medicines - Degh ceremony if needed

3. Nasaya - nasal and sinus cleaning

4. Mantra, Kirtan & Pranayam


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To eliminate toxins from organs it is also important to calibrate the breath, that the breath of the person is in synchronisation with their body.

This in itself stopes excess,
anxiety, it can aid depression and other physical illnesses. In addition to this the ancient Indian practise a mantra was necessary  to empower the person to overcome the illness. It is said that a mantra gives mental power to the person who suffers form a disease and a mantra in its own right can help disease. 

In this capacity dr Kamalroop Singh gives an individual mantra to people based on their dosha and helps them practise in the days that they ware with him. 


It is important to understand that in Indian traditions the facilitator is also sharing their own energy, their own aura with the participant to help them overcome their disease or blockage in their chakra system. This in itself its an ancient  practice and that is why is is an important to sit in a company of masters to be infused with their aura as this purifies oneself.

this in India is known as Sadh Sang.


Detox at Kamalroop's Home in Northampton, England


When booking an appointment for a 3 Day Detox, a person is usually aware that their physical body or their emotional/mental state is disturbed. Making the choice to have a Detox means that the person is prepared to commit to their own healing journey. 


What to expect from a session with Dr Kamalroop Singh?


Dr Kamalroop Singh will work together with you to establish the original cause that created the situation that you find yourself in. During the Detox you will be able to bring to light your core beliefs and patterns of behaviour by which you are leading your life and your health. 


Usually this might be something you were aware of but were not prepared to deal with. It could also be something that your were unaware of. 


After you will be encouraged to get in touch with your true self rather than the story of your situation. Dr Kamalroop Singh will then be able to establish the anchor of old patterns of behaviour in your energy field that are no longer of service to you and also discover why you might be stuck in certain areas of your life. 


Kamalroop Singh has the ability to work deeply with the memory of events held in your energy field, which results in a profound and very powerful experience. 


These memories will continue to control your life attracting the same kind of situations and disease until they are reconciled within your energy field and within your own belief system. 


Dr Kamalroop reconciles your energy field through Shamanic and Tantric work. He uses The Power of Naam through Medicine work and vibrates together with you in order to elevate your energetic field.  


This reconciliation raises the energy initiating a shift.


By doing your Soul work together with Kamalroop Singh, he will give you a clearer perspective of your life and the tools to make a change. To make that change takes determination, but being given a new 'map' and tools to utilize, the experience is empowering and life changing enabling you to move forwards.


Where is the Detox taking place?


The Detox takes place at the peaceful home of Dr Kamalroop Singh in Northampton, England. You will be accommodated over 4 days in a comfortable double room with all facilities available.


How to get to Northampton, England?

From London


The average journey time between London and Northampton is 1 hour.


Train tickets from London to Northampton can be purchased as little as £9.50 when booking in advance and are usually more expensive when purchased on the day. 


Cheap Tickets & Times at Trainline

From Birmingham

The average journey time between Birmingham and Northampton is 1 hour. 

Train tickets from Birmingham to Northampton can be purchased as little as £5 when booking in advance and are usually more expensive when purchased on the day. 


Cheap Tickets & Times at Trainline



Trains from London and Birmingham to Northampton run from 5 am till Midnight.


We suggest that you arrive between 10 am and 4 pm in order to have enough time to settle and prepare for the Detox. When possible we will pick you up from the Railway station. A taxi from Northampton station to the house of Dr Kamalroop Singh costs only £8.


What to bring?


Please bring comfortable clothes for 3 days, a cover or scarf for your head for the meditation, slippers, walking shoes, and your personal toiletries.


Please do not bring any type of drug, alcohol, sugar or nicotine during your treatment, otherwise it will cause issues with your detox and creates barriers with your recovery.


Many of the people who are suffering from addiction problems struggle with guilt, shame and depression. As a result, they become disconnected to others as they are trying to avoid facing the truth about their addiction. This is one of the reasons that people with such a problem suffer to remain accountable, even while they are going through a treatment.

We all need to be responsible in order to live a healthy life free from suffering.
For a person in recovery from substance dependence, what truly matters is accepting responsibility and self-care.

During treatment, trust and faith plays a vital role in recovery success.
The person who is suffering from addiction would need to take responsibility for their actions. Accepting responsibility in life will provide the tools that one needs to remain sober during and after drug abuse treatment.


it is highly advisable that you cut out foods and liquids which are toxic, e.g. alcohol, coffee, cigarettes at least 2/3 days before the Detox.



You are invited to fill a booking form and to give an information about yourself as much as possible, so Dr Kamalroop Singh can start individualising your detox and stay.

Once your booking has been completed you will be contacted with confirmation and instructions for your pre-detox preparation.
Please allow 24h.

All information is confidential. 


Kamalroop Singh, Detox, Mantra, Ayurvedic Treatments, Yoga, Sikh StudiesGuru Granth Sahib,

There are some of those who want to come to me for treatments, that have some kind of apprehension and fear.


I want to say, if you’re one of those people - be logical.

Forget about your illness, forget about your treatment with me, all the leeches and the other things that I do.


Leave that all aside, leave aside the unknown of Ayurvedic medicine.
The first thing of all is: make friends with your illness.
Don’t fight it, don’t think it’s something to destroy you. 


Baba Nang Singh was a great master, and luckily my family had a link to him.
Baba Ji used to say, that if we have an illness we must thank God, we must thank the divine, because it’s karma, it’s clearing.
It also says this in the Ayurvedic Sanskrit Granths.
So if you’re familiar with the book by Horley, even he says that in the introduction - that we have to change the way we look at illness.


So if you have a mental illness, a physical illness, don’t look at it as a curse.
Change your attitude, realise this is something trying to resolve itself, a deep karma.
Don’t fear it. Be friends with it, accept it, understand it.
Try to understand what it’s trying to show you.

I can tell you some obvious ones - taking time slow down, taking time to relax, taking time to reflect, to digest life rather than living life at a fast pace.
These are obvious reasons, there’ll be deeper individual things for each one of us and for why we get these issues.
Realise that your illness is a part of you and work with it, rather than against it. 


We all have these things.
Embrace your illness, what is it showing you?
That’s the first part.

For anyone terminally ill, my friends (you know who you are), don’t panic.
We’re all going to die, someone’s going to die quicker, others later.
It’s easy for me to say this here, but we’re all in the same process.
ry to enjoy the beauty of life, the peace of life.
We can’t stop the inevitable, number one. 


Second to that, if you’re going to come on a detox with me, expect that this uncomfortable place where your shadow is lurking, that’s what you’re going to have to confront with during your work with me.
Because that’s what I’m doing on myself and that’s what I do with others.
So you’re going to come into that field.
Osho calls it "Buddha Field", or a field of meditation. 


Because I live that lifestyle, you’re going to come into that field of meditation, and it is going to make you face your ego and your shadow.
Obviously I’m not like that all the time, otherwise I’ll be enlightened.
But I’m just practising, I’m on my way on my path. 


And I follow the footsteps of enlightened beings, like Baba Santha Singh, Baba Sudi Singh, other great enlightened beings, and my grandmother.
Follow the way that others have laid before you.

So the fact is, you have to face your shadow; and don’t have a fear of fear.
Embrace fear, it’s ok to feel anxiety, don’t fight it.
Embrace it, hold it, give it love.
Send love into the darkness, send love into your pain. 


So if you’re afraid of coming to see me, or afraid of your illness, this is a message for you.

It’s not a sales pitch, it's simply an invitation for you to befriend yourself - regardless of what treatments I might offer you or what other doctors you might see - and if you feel the calling to, join me in that field of meditation and healing. 





Please note that Dr Kamalroop Singh is able to accommodate only up 5 people at a time and due to his busy schedule between treatments and travels it is important to plan properly and have as less complications as possible. 

He will make every effort to assist you if you wish to alter your booking dates. 


However amendments of bookings are possible only within 14 days of arrival date.


Requests for an amendment must be agreed with Dr Kamalroop Singh and if he is successful in making your requested amendment then you must pay an amendment charge of £50.

Payment is non-refundable .


Thank you for your understanding.

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