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All Is One series are inviting you to join us at holistic experiences to incorporates one of the core principles of the experiment intrinsic project: self-awareness.

Beginning on a very special calendar date of the new decade 2nd of February 2020, we aim to deliver events, gatherings and courses with the hope of bringing more clarity and peace to our being.

Each session is guided by Dr. Kamalroop Singh who is sharing the wisdom of ancient knowledge, combining activities including Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Mantra, Kirtan, Sacred Degh Medicine Ceremonies and more.

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As part of our continuing effort to share educational materials and teachings around meditation, wellbeing and spirituality, we are pleased to introduce our first online course.

Consisting of 3 inter-related modules and delivered by Dr Kamalroop Singh, the course will cover the following:

Mantra & Meditation

Ayurveda & Detox

Yoga & Pranayama

This course will provide a helpful introduction for those new to these topics, as well as a useful resource for people already familiar with them.

Studying these modules successively will help contextualise them as a system of implementing wellbeing in our lives, and give understanding of how each component fits together and complements one another.

If you would like to spend some more time exploring these intrinsic instruments, then this could also be a good opportunity to personally start applying the knowledge or re-calibrating a kind of practise if you already have one.

This course will be provided via Zoom - 2 hours each

over 3 weekends in November and December. 


Participants will have the opportunity for Q&A after each session.

All sessions will be recorded and available for those unable to attend the online meetings.

Those that participate with the course will also be offered:

Free Online Ayurvedic consultation with Kamalroop Singh

where you are welcome to discuss any questions, issues, or concerns.

20% discount to attend:

Ayurvedic Weekend - 2 nights:
Ayurvedic Diagnoses
Liver Detox
Pranayama & Meditation
Kirtan & Mantra

Therapeutic Saturday - 1 night:
Ayurvedic Diagnoses
Mushroom Ceremony
Pranayama & Meditation
Kirtan & Mantra

£250 each, reduced to £200 each with 20% discount

Treatments take place in Northampton (just 1hr from London) or Paris.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

“Each person who puts their trust in me is treated like family in my home”

Kamalroop Singh

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More Info and Reservations at All Is One 

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