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Yogi Writing Ayurveda

Through various herbal and oil cleanses, I offer a way of detoxing the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Each person who puts their trust in me is treated like family at my home, in a quiet village in Northampton, England.

After making diagnosis and discussing the results with Ayurvedic experts in India, I make a plan of treatments.

Everyone's detox needs are different, however, there are some essential treatments I work with taking place over 4 days:


Sacred Degh

Liver Detox

Brahm Bhooti
Brahmi Bhooti
Ayurvedic Enema

See the testimonial below to understand the depth of the Detox process.



Philosopher roots of detox, yoga and medicine with Kamalroop Singh

"The detox work with Kamal was the most profound, deep work that brought in the most expansion I have ever done. The blessings I received on so many levels are hard to put into words.


Deep layers of memories were cleared out of my field, experiences that were stored and influenced my ways of reacting and navigating in life from spaces of contraction released. Now I am integrating these beautiful blessings and am able to navigate my life from a place of more freedom than I can ever remember.


The way that Kamalroop guides the process is so strong yet gentle with so much wisdom and divinely guided and blessed.

I am really looking forward to deepening the work and practice to anchor and embody more deeply the full potential of who I have come here to be.

With so much love, honour and gratitude for the infinite blessings I received."

Shamir Chadha Singh

The Value of a Brahmi Booti Detox


Ayurvedic Detox and Medicine with Kamalroop Singh

Ayurvedic Pulse, Tongue and Eye Diagnosis

Ayurvedic medicine is entirely holistic.

Its adherents strive to create harmony between the Body, Mind, and Spirit, maintaining that this balance prevents illness, treats acute conditions, and contributes to a long and healthy life. These treatments cleanse and balance the doshas.

For further aid two Indian doctors can be referred to for an extra charge on location.


Sacred Shaheedi Degh ground with a pestle and mortar

Detox the Mind, Body and Soul with unique SHAHEEDI Degh Ceremomy


My teacher in India who blessed me to become a 'Mahakal' Singh told me to give Shaheedi Degh to people and recite Mantras.

After I was initiated and formed a profound relation with the sacred drink, I have been running ceremonies with Shaheedi Degh and Mantras for 20 years around the World.

Shaheedi Degh is an ancient Ayurvedic drink with black pepper, cloves, cardamom, almonds, and Cannabis - with other herbs depending on one's dosha.

To respect the law of the land I operate in, sometimes I replace Cannabis with poppy-seeds only. Both versions detoxify the Mind and Body.

The process of preparing the drink requires great devotion - grinding the herbs by hand and straining the liquid while reciting a mantra.

Please see a historical information in the British Hemp Report of 1894. 
More information on Degh here.


Ancient Shaheedi Degh Medicine

For upcoming Shaheedi Degh Ceremonies please contact me
or see my Instagram for details.



Brahm Bhooti Rhodiola

In addition to Sacred Degh, I use two other herbs Brahm Bhooti and Brahmi Bhooti - this herbs act as a tonic for the brain. 

Traditionally Bhooti is used for treating brain disorders, skin diseases, neural disorders, and insomnia due to its adaptogen, central nervous system relaxant, sedative, antibiotic, detoxifier, blood-purifier, laxative, diuretic, and emmenagogue properties.

In Ayurveda, Brahm Bhooti is also called Sanjeevani Bhooti

(literally, an infuser of life).

Sanjeevani Bhooti is famed as a life saving herb from Dronagiri in Himalayas, which was brought by Hanuman to revive the dying deva Lakshman. 


The sacred herb is also said to have helped king Yayati, an ancestor of the Pandavas, to reverse the ageing of his body and regain male vigour.

Sanjeevni Booty lead


Brahmi Bhooti Gotu Kola growing

Brahmi Bhooti is used for psychological disorders


It reduces tension, stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness due to its sedative, tranquilizing, and relaxant activities.

Mandukaparni is used in Ayurveda, for improving memory, intelligence, and speech. The intake of herb overcomes mental confusion, and supports better thinking.

In Unani, it is generally used in the treatment of the skin diseases, leprosy, and syphilis. The leaves are given to improve memory.

The plant is used both internally, and externally for medicinal purpose.


virechana Ayurvedic Enema with Kamalroop Singh

Various herbal and oil enemas depending on dosha

Ayurvedic enemas are performed using oil or herbal decoctions to cleanse the colon and eliminate unwanted waste material from the body.

It is one of the most effective detox therapies to treat Gastric Problems such as constipation, acidity, and gas.

Ayurvedic enemas are also used to remove excess Vata Dosha from the body and is used in the treatment of several conditions including back pain, weight loss, arthritis, etc.


Dhanwantari Liver Detox with Kamalroop Singh

Naturally let the liver release its toxins

Special Ayurvedic salts and oil to naturally let the liver/gall bladder release its toxins. 

With rising levels of pollution and our ‘toxic’ lifestyles, it’s no surprise liver disease is on the rise.


After all, as the body’s major detoxing and digestive organ the liver is under increasingly high levels of pressure.


By capturing toxins and breaking them down for excretion, the liver plays a critical role in your body’s natural detox process. Although the liver has the remarkable ability to heal itself from minor damage, this ability is severely compromised with prolonged or unusually high exposure to toxins.


Phychedelic Artwork Kamalroop Singh


A true psychedelic experience, even a "bad trip"- psychotic breakdown is sacred as long as its treated and integrated properly.

The most common felt threat to sanity during psychedelic experience is the feeling of going crazy, losing one’s mind, or that the trip will never end. Such experience is causing powerful changes in one's perception. Major shifts are happening in the ego according to one’s belief and understanding of oneself, the world, and god. 

During psychedelic trips old traumas can be remembered and relived. There can be many different sensory, energy, and body sensations. However some of the most frightening manifestations of the psychedelic experience are energetic.

People go through powerful releases, rendering their bodies out of control, shaking, twisting and vibrating. These energies, being activated by the psychedelic substances are usually related to reconnecting with the universal life force called the kundalini.

It is important and of a great matter to complete and integrate the experience, and to continue working with the opening that took place. Often the person who have taken psychedelics is mentally vulnerable and should work with a professional practitioner afterwords to complete the healing.

Dr Kamalroop Singh is providing a system of Ayurveda, plant medicines, which might contain psychedelics or not, depending on one's individual case and meditation techniques in order to ground and restore the balance and help you integrate your experience further. 

In a psychedelic experience and crisis the person may react to the facilitator and project their own feelings and experiences onto the healer. This could be a sexual, demonic, godlike or fearful transference. It is important to have trust and remember that Kamalroop Singh is there to help you and take good care of you.

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