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What to do in a kundalini Crisis with Kamalroop Singh


if awakened Kundalini energy becomes off balance, a spiritual crisis known as Kundalini Syndrome can result.


Kundalini shakti awakening include increased sensitivity to light, sound, and energy, awakened interest or longing for spiritual growth, intense compassion and longing to help others.

Symptoms like confusion, frightening paranormal experiences, sense of alienation to other people and weird energy phenomena in the body might be also present with the awakening of the kundalini.

A kundalini crisis can happen to anyone through practices like yoga, meditation, ritual or prayer.

Symptoms of Kundalini Crisis:

inability to regulate body temperature

feeling electricity running up and down the spine

the sensation of the body vibrating


breaking with reality

mood swings


Even though these symptoms can be very alarming they can be dealt with through the right techniques and by talking to someone who understands that these problems are different from a mental disease.

What is happening is that through your spiritual practice your unconscious mind has opened up and you are experiencing your own suppressed negativities. 

The core of Higher Consciousness Healing is to make contact with the part of the mind that is more loving and wise than our everyday consciousness.

Dr Kamalroop Singh is providing a system of Ayurveda and Meditation techniques in order to ground and restore the balance to your chakra system for the Kundalini crises you might have experienced.

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