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The Blue Lions Hospitality rider




Prerequisite check list:

Can you accommodate the Blue Lions in a clean and hygienic place to sleep which is private and comfortable? Or provide alternative comfortable hotel accommodation?

Can you collect and drop them off at the airport, railway or tube station?

Can you provide them with three vegetarian meals per day, made with spiritual and physical hygiene i.e. utensils used for tasting not going back into cooking, etc?

Can you cover their flight or train fares and other costs?

Have you answered YES to all of the above? If so, then please continue:

By Air

Blue Lions only fly with British Airways from Heathrow Airport in London, UK.

For destinations where British Airways do not fly to, a good alternative airline flying from Heathrow should be booked. If this is not possible, then any other London airport will suffice.

All seats should be pre-booked and paid for.


All costs for Entry Visas and any other additional costs e.g. vaccine costs for each band member, should be paid in advance.

By Train
All international train journeys should be booked from a Central London Terminus and all seats pre-booked and paid in advance.

The Blue Lions prefer to play their own instruments and these should be booked as ‘checked-in’ luggage.
One luggage per band member is required.

Taxi Transfers
The Blue Lions require pre-paid taxis to and from Heathrow Airport or Central London Train Terminals. For two Blue Lions, this will cost £100 in total.

By Car
Total petrol cost should be paid in advance for a return journey:
Within Greater London: £25
100 Miles from London: £100
Over 100 Miles: £100 per 100 Miles

All road tolls or taxes should be reimbursed.

Parking to be arranged outside venue (and any fees paid).

By Ferry
If a ferry crossing is involved, then this should be booked in advance.

Please allow an extra hour for reporting time at ferry dock.

Upon arrival
For international and long distance travel in the UK, the Blue Lions require a few hours of rest/sleep after travelling. Also, a meal or snack should be provided upon arrival, if required.


In a House
A private comfortable room(s) with beds/mattresses and clean bedding should be provided with close proximity to a clean bathroom and toilet. In winter months, extra heating should be provided in each room, if necessary. In Summer, if very warm, then a fan or A/C unit should be provided in each room. Clean towels should be provided for all band members.

In a Hotel
The Blue Lions only sleep in a good three star (or more) hotel, which should be booked for the entire duration. This includes paying for any transfers to and from all venues via taxi or a lift should be arranged.

The Blue Lions prefer to sleep in a large Tee Pee or tent together, which should be paid in advance. Otherwise, smaller tents will suffice. Please provide suitable lighting and bedding, including air mattresses.

During Travel cost of snacks and a meal should be paid beforehand.

Within UK, if outside London cost is £20 per band member.

For international travel, cost is £30 per band member.

During Event
Meals should be provided three times a day for the entire duration of their stay for each band member, plus any snacks required in between meals. Please consult our Events Manger for our dietary requirements. If you are unable to do this, then please pay for a restaurant meal (£20 each per meal per band member). For each performance, workshop or talk we require herbal teas, and bottled mineral water at room-temperature.

Please note that immediately after each workshop or performance ends (or as soon as possible afterwards), the Blue Lions may require a meal or some filling snacks and drinks. If your event has a voucher scheme for meals and drinks, then please provide sufficient free vouchers to
cover all of the above.

Kirtan, Workshop or Talk
There should be a minimum number of twenty confirmed people booked for each event. Attendees should the pay full fee in advance or pay a non-refundable deposit (at least 50%). If you wish the Blue Lions to do more than one session per day, there must be a sufficient gap. All promotional material and allocated time slots on scheduling must be confirmed with our Events
Manager beforehand.



 Kirtan (2 hours) - £500

Lecture or Talk by Mahakal Dr Kamalroop Singh - £500

Kirtan Talk/Workshop by Ragi Harminder Singh - £400

Tabla Talk/Workshop by Simran or Virpal Singh - £300

Martial Arts Workshop (Gatka/Mahakali) - £150 per hour

Accompanying Local Artist - £150

Weekend Camp (2 Days) – £1500
Martial Arts/Yoga Workshop
Kirtan Workshop
Talk on Sikh academia, spirituality, health or music



All-Night Medicine Ceremony (for 20+ people) - £1500

Private Ayurvedic Consultation with Dr Kamalroop Singh - £150 (1 hour)

Brahm Booti Detox (excluding accommodation)
Minor Conditions (2 Nights) £2000
Serious Conditions (4 Nights) £5000

Ayurvedic Head & Shoulder Massage - £45 (45 mins)

Reflexology - £45 (45 mins)

Reiki Session - £45 (45 mins)

Sikh Wedding Ceremony (Anand Kharaj) with 3 Blue Lions - £1250
Kirtan and Anand Karaj Ceremony (including explanations in English)
Additional Person to officiate the reading of Sri Guru Granth Sahib for Anand Karaj

Ceremony and other duties such as Ardas - £250


Kirtan/Talk (in English) and Prayers at house of deceased - £400

Kirtan on Funeral day - £500
Kirtan and Ardas at home of deceased
Kirtan/Talk in English and Prayers at Crematorium
Kirtan at Gurdwara Sahib

Please note:


You are not being charged for the Kirtan or Teachings.

The costs are to cover our time and resources, and also the money we have personally invested in learning each of these sacred arts.

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