Your Detox Plan

Transformational and healing detox treatment with the ancient Indian bark Booti. 

Break through your old habitual patterns which holds you back. Stepping into your own true power, allowing you to live your truth. 

Within these four transformational days of treatment we will take you through a set of special combined components which allows your mind to rewire, calming down your nervous system as well as balancing doshas so your body can return to its natural state.

The Four Day Detox Package

The Detox rejuvenates, helps stress, anxiety, depression and addictions. My treatments are bespoke and include normally four or more days of:

1. Panchakarma treatments - Ayurvedic massage with medicated oils, enemas for inner cleansing, and diet for each person based on their dosha.

2. Yoga, mantra, kirtan, & pranayam.

3. Intense detox using the Brahmi Bhooti - 2 days.

4. Accommodation & Ayurvedically prepared food. 


Most people who undergo the treatment have a full mental, physical, & spiritual detox. In addition to using tools from India, there are a few methods I employ from African and South American Shamanism and I get second opinions Indian Ayurvedic professionals and Ayurvedic psychologists. 

The Brahm Booti Detox includes nine of the powerful treatments listed below. As you can see the treatments take place over four days. Choosing to partake in the full detox means that you get amazing value for money. The treatments included are as follows.

Day 1

Ayurvedic pulse, tongue and eye diagnosis. (For further aid, 2 Indian drs can be referred to for extra charge)

A Vedic Astrology reading to aid dosha and illness determination.

All Ayurvedic Herbal Medicines that have been prescribed. (The price varies depending.)

Nasaya - nasal and sinus cleaning.

Yoga, mantra & pranayam.

Day 2

Brahm Bhooti Detox

Day 3

Brahm Bhooti Detox

Day 4

Vasati - herbal and oil enemas. 

Abhanga - Ayurvedic massage.

Steam and infra red cleanse with herbal oils.

The Treatments

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