Ayurvedic Detoxing

Each person who puts their trust in me is treated like family at my home, in a quiet village in Northampton. I give them a diagnosis then make a plan of treatment with Ayurvedic experts in India. 

I offer Degh Ceremonies & Brahm Booti cleanses as a way of detoxing the mind body and spirit. See the testimonial below to see the depth at which the detox process happens.

What People Say

"The detox work with Kamal was the most profound, deep work that brought in the most expansion i have ever done. The blessings I received on so many levels are hard to put into words.


Deep layers of memories were cleared out of my field, experiences that were stored and influenced my ways of reacting and navigating in life from spaces of contraction released. Now I am integrating these beautiful blessings and am able to navigate my life from a place of more freedom than I can ever remember.


The way that Kamalroop guides the process is so strong yet gentle with so much wisdom and divinely guided and blessed. I am really looking forward to deepening the work and practice to anchor and embody more deeply the full potential of who I have come here to be. With so much love, honour and gratitude for the infinite blessings I received."

Shamir Chadha Singh

Degh Ceremonies

Detox the mind and soul with this unique Degh Ceremomy.


My teacher in India who blessed me to become a 'Mahakal' Singh told me to give degh to people and recite mantras. Degh is an ancient ayurvedic drink with black pepper, cloves, cardamom, almonds, and cannabis - with other herbs depending on dosha. A non-intoxicating version can be made to respect the law of the land I operate in with poppy-seeds only, both versions detoxify the mind and body. I make this drink by hand, by grinding the herbs and straining the liquid.


I have been running ceremonies with it for 18 years around the world. For more information please see this for historical information in the British Hemp Report of 1894. Plus more information on Degh here.

Contact me for upcoming Degh Ceremonies or see my Instagram for details

Brahm Booti Detox

In addition to the Degh, I use two other herbs Brahm Bhooti and Brahmi Bhooti.

This herb is a tonic for the brain. Traditionally it is used for treating brain disorders, skin diseases, neural disorders, and insomnia due to its adaptogen, central nervous system relaxant, sedative, antibiotic, detoxifier, blood-purifier, laxative, diuretic, emmenagogue properties.

In Ayurveda its also called Brahm Bhooti or Sanjeevani bhooti. It is famed as Hanuman used it to bring a dying deva (Lakshman) back to life.

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