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Transform and Heal 

"Each person who puts their trust in me is treated like family at my home"

Break through your old habitual patterns which holds you back. Stepping into your own true power, allowing you to live your truth.  Within four transformational days of treatment we will take you through a set of special combined components which allows your mind to rewire, calming down your nervous system as well as balancing doshas so your body can return to its natural state.

Stretch your Breath, Body & Mind

"The only constant is Change
- move with it or get left behind"

 When we get stuck in life and can't find the flow, there are various things we can do to restore our balance. The most powerful ways to restore our energy is to practice yoga (pranayam), detox the body (panchakarma), work with the elements (tattvas) and plant medicines (ayurveda).

Study Yourself, Study the Divine

I coach people who want to be above average. I can help you tap into skills that can be used so you can live life the way you want to.

By working together we can unlock the door obstructing you from success. I understand how essential it is to live a life that feels as good on the inside as well as the outside. By gaining a different perspective by life coaching, we are able to make changes and achieve things we never thought possible on our own.

Delve Deep Into Studies of Sikhism

Guru Gobind Singh. There is no other answer. That classic photo of the Guru always mesmerises me.

When I was fifteen years old, my mother gave me a book by Prof Gobind Singh Mansukhani of London. It was titled Hymns from the Dasam Granth. I read all the way through it and realised that this Granth was different to the one that we worship and read from in the Gurdwara known as Adi Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj.

"Meeting Kamal to me was a life change. A profound and healing knowledge brought with great simplicity, humility, joy and kindness. I want to recommend his work to all those who are looking for a cure for body, mind and spirit."

- Marcela

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